Join the city’s only full-service delivery platform and reach 1000s of new customers daily.

Take your products online, and delivered from store to door in minutes.

“We joined Anita Delivery just before the COVID-19 outbreak so thankfully we were set up to deliver across the town. Our delivery service was our main source of revenue, and with Anita Delivery’s drivers, we were able to quickly respond to demand rather than hiring our own team” – Anita Delivery Partner

Don’t deliver? No problem!

Anita Delivery enables local stores to list products online and introduce a full-service automated delivery service. 

Reach new customers

Load your items on to the Anita Delivery app and attract new customers to your products right at their fingertips.  

Boost your revenue

Sit back and watch orders come through from peckish Anita Delivery customers. 



After browsing your online menu, customers will place their order through the Anita Delivery app.


The order is sent through to your tablet instantaneously, and when prepared, is made ‘ready for collection’.


An Anita Driver receives the alert to their Anita Driver app and collects the order from your store.


Your products are delivered safely and promptly to your happy customer.


Download Anita Delivery for free!


1. How much does it cost to join Anita?

Anita requires a one-off equipment fee of £200 and a commission of 10% per order value. For example, if an order totals £20, £2 will be taken by Anita Delivery to cover service fees.

2. What types of stores can join Anita Delivery?

We’re all friends here! At the moment, we have convenience stores and butchers listed on the app. Want to join us? We’d love to hear from you, send us a message to

3. When do I receive payment from the orders made through Anita Delivery?

When a customer makes an order, the order value minus Anita Delivery’s commission will go directly to you. Anita Delivery payments are processed via Stripe, which can take up to 5 business days. 

4. Do I have to pay Anita Delivery drivers, and how do you ensure that they are available with my shop’s opening hours?

No! You will not have to cover delivery fees or the cost for Anita Delivery drivers to delivery your items. We have built a community of committed, reliable and friendly Anita Delivery drivers who are currently available throughout the day to ensure that your items get safely delivered to customers. 

5. How do I update the menu?

After successfully creating your account, you can use Anita Delivery’s D.I.Y tool to build and edit your menu. Through the editor, you can update your menu in real-time with price changes, adding and removing products, and additionally creating special offers. 



Join the city’s only full-service delivery platform today.